False Bay Coastal Park provides a range of activities across its components with the potential to increase these in a managed and sustainable manner for all the citizens of Cape Town and beyond as well as for tourists.

Zeekoeivlei Environmental Forum (ZEF) maintains a nucleus of members that attend all meetings that have any bearing on the Local Area as well as serve on the steering and / or committees of the:

False Bay Ecology Park.
Solid Waste Treatment Works.
Zeekoeivlei Catchment Forum

Members report back to the Zeekoeivlei Civic Association person tasked with the Environmental portfolio who then keeps the local community informed via regular newsletters and general meetings.

False Bay Ecology Park:

Zeekoeivlei Environmental Forum:
Media: Laurianne Klaase

Members: Nicki & Theo Stock
Member: Roger Godwin

Zeekoeivlei Civic Association:
Chairperson: Richard Cammell
Environment: Susanne Dittke

Rondevlei Nature Reserve - Ph: 021 706 2404

Zandvlei Nature Reserve


Westlake Reserve

Zeekoeivlei Environmental Education Programme (ZEEP)

Zeekoeivlei Yacht Club.
etary: 021 705 3373

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