False Bay Coastal Park provides a range of activities across its components with the potential to increase these in a managed and sustainable manner for all the citizens of Cape Town and beyond, as well as for tourists.

Rondevlei Activities include:
A series of footpaths along the shore line links a number of strategically placed bird hides and elevated viewing platforms from which excellent access is provided to observe the vast numbers of (there was a breeding colony of some 4000 Sacred Ibis this year, for example) resident avian population.

Flamingos at dawn.....

A museum displaying static samples of some of the local bird and mammal species.

An aquarium with a selection of the local fish species showing their feeding and breeding habits.

Live display of a selection of reptiles and small mammals including an 'in house' family of porcupines.

Boat trips to observe secluded water bird habitats at close quarters with perhaps a glimpse of one or more of the resident Hippopotamus pod.

A lecture room with projection facilities for 'in house' events, environmental education as well as for public hire.

A multi function conference 'boma' able to accommodate large meetings and tourist groups.

The reserve provides Environmental Education to about 7000 local children and is visited by approximately 8000 international tourists per year.

Zeekoeivlei Activities include:
Home Bay has two Yacht Clubs (ZVYV & UCTYC), a residential component and the Zeekoeivlei Environmental Education Programme (ZEEP).

Opening Cruise 2004

The season begins with breaking open the
club's burgee at the annual opening cruise
in front of a gathering of honored guests, members and friends...

Thereafter a mixed fleet takes to the
water for a sail past and to receive the Commodore's salute.


Messing about in boats...

The club, with its excellent training programs, dedicated trainers and facilities, has also, over the years, introduced many juniors to the sport of sailing.

Homeward Bound

Zeekoeivlei Yacht Club, now in its 73rd year, is one of South Africa's leading dinghy sailing clubs.

The club has produced many renowned sailing champions in both the national and international sailing arenas, on waters that offer both safe and exciting sailing conditions for beginner and
experienced alike.

Incorporated in the yacht club is the Alfred Rowing Club, the oldest rowing club in South Africa, offering a rowing venue for both club members as well as for prominent schools.

University of Cape Town Yacht Club (UCTYC) situated at the end of the peninsula provides a sailing and rowing venue for students of this university.

Zeekoeivlei Environmental Education Programme (ZEEP) on the Western shore offers environmental education programs to many thousands of children annually (7000) and is currently the foremost facility, of this nature, in the Southern Cape.

An outlet for all the citizens...

The Eastern and Southern shore is well utilized for recreational uses such as fishing, picnicking, kite sailing and has power boat launching facilities.

A recent fishing competition resulted in some 12000kg of catch over 3 days.

Cape Flats Waste-Water Treatment Ponds Activities include:
Bird watching, due to the concentrated avian population, has been a destination of choice of bird enthusiasts for more than 50 years.

These enthusiasts have been instrumental in maintaining and recording numbers, species and habitat as well as doing regular 'ringing' of birds, caught in catch nets, over this period and in so doing provide an invaluable data resource pertaining to the avian population changes of the IBA.

Typical view of one of the 34 settling ponds that provide invaluable water
bird habitats.

The ponds, which are relatively inaccessible, have the potential to offer managed fishing to the fresh water fishing community and would be attractive to international anglers that otherwise travel to Canada to catch the 'big one'.

The Zeekoeivlei Environment Education Programme (ZEEP) includes the waste water treatment site in its environmental message to attendees.

Future options are to have nature walks throughout the park, to take advantage of the seasonal variations to flowers, birds and game, and would include routes through this section.

The False Bay Coastal Park website-monitoring.html Activities include:
The website-monitoring.html acts as a buffer zone between the Capricorn Business Park Development to the East and in time, will provide an elevated viewing area for nature walks in the False Bay Ecology Park.

The Zeekoeivlei Environment Education Programme (ZEEP) includes the website-monitoring.html site in its environmental message to attendees, a message that will in time lead to a change in how solid waste may be sorted at source and remove items recycled instead.

The coastal strip including the beach along the False Bay Ecology Park right up to Sunrise Circle is extensively used as a recreation node, surf fishing and tourism scenic drive area.

The coastal strip, looking East to the Helderberg, is separated from the primary dune system by
Baden Powell Drive.

The view West covers the Southern Table Mountain chain, part of the Table Mountain National Park.

Surf fishing all along this shore line is enjoyed, along
with swimming and board surfing.

The beach is easily accessed and provides a welcome relief from the pressures of the city.

It, too, is home for the rare Oyster Catcher.


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