The False Bay Ecology Park is located in Cape Town's Southern Peninsula at
approximately 34/05'S Latitude and 18/31'E Longitude.

Location Map 2

A Satellite view of the Southern Peninsula showing the main roads in red,
the railway lines in black and urban sprawl in pink and indicates clearly the degree of this sprawl.

The water bodies of Zeekoeivlei, Rondevlei and the Cape Flats Waste Water Treatment Works group,
lower centre, forms the nucleus of the False Bay Ecology Park.


Location Map 3

An enlargement of the satellite view showing the approximate extent of the
False Bay Ecology Park within the dotted yellow line.

As may be seen from the above enlargement, the False Bay Ecology Park has been reduced
to its present size due to urbanization to the North & West, by the sea to the South and horticultural land
to the East and has no room for expansion.

The only external linkages are along the coastal strip East to the Wolfgat Nature Reserve and
Helderberg Biosphere and West to the Table Mountain Nature Reserve,
part of one of the 6 plant kingdoms of the world.

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