This is a broad brush information resource intended to showcase the False Bay Ecology Park,
located within the precincts of the City of Cape Town, at approximately 34/05'S Latitude
and 18/31'E Longitude.

The location has significance in terms of world migratory birds that use it as a staging post
or destination as they traverse the world's migratory flight paths.

The wetlands within the False Bay Ecology Park (FBEP) act as a network, but the majority of the
birds are centered on the Important Bird Area (IBA), where a total of' 168 species has been recorded;
of these, 76 are freshwater wetland species and a further 18 are coastal species
that visit the area to roost or breed.

Breeding has been confirmed for 45 water bird species. This high diversity of water birds is due
to the wide range of wetland habitats present, and the proximity of the IBA to the ocean
which permits both freshwater and coastal species to exploit the system.

The abundance of water birds supported by this IBA has increased progressively since the 1950s
reaching an average of over 23200 individuals during the period 1980 /1990.
During extreme years, numbers are boosted above 30000.

In addition to the critical importance of ensuring the continued existence of the FBEP, as a home
for the avian populations both resident and migratory, is the need to conserve the additional floral
and faunal biodiversity found in the FBEP as a national heritage
with a long term goal of becoming a RAMSAR site.

The FBEP is a major resource for the citizens of Cape Town in terms of environmental education,
recreational facility and for potential employment opportunities.

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